5 Affiliate Programs for Parents to Earn Money

Affiliate Programs For Parents

What’s the toughest and most rewarding job in the world? No, it’s not affiliate marketing, it’s parenting.

As parents, we are obsessed with everything that has to do with of our kids. Why not channel small part of that obsession into a money-making enterprise? The programs are there, the platform is set, yours is just to build an audience, write a good piece, sit back, and wait for the money to pour in. Here are 5 affiliate programs perfect for parents.

  1. Healthy Kids Inc. – By signing up with Healthy Kids your readers will get more than just tips on how to cook healthy food. There’s meal planner, countless recipes, cooking videos, as well as advice on grow their own veggies. And does the commission of 35% minimum sound appealing? That’s right.
  1. Amazon – This is a no-brainer really. Amazon has by far the most popular and the most successful affiliate program out there. Think of any product to promote and chances are that amazon sells it, and sells it good. Yes, competition is fierce, but Amazon sun has plenty of light for everyone to settle in. Commissions vary based on the performance and niche, ranging from 4% all the way to 15%.
  1. Coupons.com – Saving some money on groceries is often essential, and Coupons.com is the best tool for it. The company is there to serve as a middle man between retailers and shoppers by providing thousands of digital and printed coupons every day. You can choose one of 2000 brand, and promote the deals related to its products. Prices for groceries are small, granted, but what you’re looking for is the repeated buys, and many people buying the same product. A wide audience is a must for this.
  1. The Children’s Place – We can imagine you: having a kid at home and scrolling through countless of clothing items in search of the best suited one. With The Children’s Place affiliate program you can use your scrolling expertise and connect with other parents by recommending, say, a fabulous sweater. The store’s got everything in the realm of clothing and accessories, for boys and girls alike. Commission is up to 4%.
  1. Mattel Shop – Having a kid, you must be familiar with this shop. They’re selling some of the most popular and best quality toys. From Barbie to Disney, BoomCo to Minecraft, the brands represented in the store are not lacking. Pick the toys that your child plays with, and make money for some new ones.

Many successful affiliate marketers actually got their start as moms and dads looking to earn some extra money from home. One of those people is Anne Fognano (Affiliate Management Solutions: An Affiliate Manager), we asked her how she got her start and where that has led her.  “I got my start as a mom who ran my own coupon directory website. It had it’s up and downs but I really fell in love with the industry. Over the last few years I’ve moved from the publisher side to the services side. In 2014 I went out on my own again and started my own Affiliate Marketing Company“. We want to thank Anne for these program suggestions.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

This is the image description
This is the image description

Today our world has become accessible globally in only a few clicks with the help of the internet. Numerous amounts of people cannot depart from their smartphones at home because we have to check our e-mail or check out the latest post on our favorite social media platform. Human beings are using search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find out data similar to what they used to depend on upon the nearby phone book. Due to this digital shift, your company needs to begin considering its digital advertising and marketing and marketing plan. Businesses can not depend on newspapers or neighborhood radio to promote themselves. That’s why a SEO (search engine optimization) technique is critical.

When you want a plumber, you’re in all likelihood no longer scouring through the yellow pages or phone book. You’re most in all likelihood going to do a Google search. SEO makes certain you’re the number one plumber that comes up in a visitor’s search results. Companies are catching on that this is the destiny, and it’s an effective manner to attract new and centered internet web page traffic to a website. Monetary officers adore it due to the fact calculating the skip returned on funding has in no way been plenty much less complex with a Minneapolis SEO professional. Proper here are a few more motives it’s essential to offer us a call.

One of the most important matters Minneapolis search engine optimization firm offers our customers is centered search engine optimization articles. The articles that are optimized and are filled with relevant keywords that count quality to your website. We also create meta tags which might be informative and keyword applicable. Even as tags are optimized, extra human beings will click on your search result for your hyperlink to grow the amount of web page visitors on your internet web page.

Some other essential benefit of SEO is charge effectiveness. You do now not want a large advertising and marketing price range if you have an incredible SEO approach. SEO is effective financially because it targets clients who’re actively seeking out your offerings online. Outbound advertising which includes advertising and the use of billboards has become quite expensive and not very effective. There’s no assurance a person will remember your logo. Our agency targets customers who may be actively searching out products. This makes it easier and less pricey to generate leads and significantly increase net web page website visitors. Our professionals recognize a manner to create optimized content material that converts.

We moreover offer the capacity to create person-high-quality net web sites that stand out from the opposition. We do this as a useful resource of the use of making sure your net internet site is speedy and smooth to navigate. Your internet website may be certainly optimized, which means it’s far going to be well matched with maximum devices alongside facet iPads, smartphones, and capsules. An optimized net website on-line allows make certain a better ranking on Google and different famous engines like google and yahoo.

One of the primary benefits of a Minneapolis search engine optimization expert is that we are continually on top of the present day-day-day SEO algorithms. A whole lot of companies are reactionary in phrases of this. Our research crew has plenty experience concerning search engine optimization that we’re proactive and ahead of the curve almost about adjustments. That is what you want with a SEO organization. With a proactive institution, you could continuously be on a pinnacle of are looking for engine rankings.

Minneapolis SEO additionally strives to create brand recognition. We strive this via manner of score your internet site on the first internet net page of Google for key phrases which might apply to capacity customers. Usually displaying up in search engines like google and yahoo for those key phrases creates exposure, be given as real with, and attention. Tracking facilitates with better conversion prices. Your business company is in a prevailing scenario with masses of potential customers for your internet web page looking to make a purchase.

Top 5 National Restaurants for Breakfast

Breakfast plate with eggs, bacons, sausage and hash browns.

Looking for a good place to stop after church and get some grub. When breakfast is on the mind where do you go? Well here are Americas Top 5 National Restaurants for Breakfast that will satisfy your morning meal munchies.

1. Village Inn

Serving sweet pancakes and delicious pies we have Village Inn coming in at number one. Most people know Village Inn for their free pie Wednesdays with the purchase of any meal. They also offer free kids meals with the purchase of an adult meal every Monday and Tuesday. For many families in America this can be a huge relief on a tiny budget family with kids who have big appetites.  Since 1958 Village Inn has been bring families and friends together for a scrumptious breakfast with humble prices. Next time you visit you local Village Inn be sure to try the Strawberry Crêpes Combo or the Buttermilk Pancake Combo which are Village Inn most popular dishes.

2. Egg & I

The Egg & I is the best place for that great breakfast protein, eggs. This family friendly restaurant offers anything you can think of that has do to with eggs. Eggs Benedict, scrambled, omelette, egg frittata, burritos and more. The Egg & I also have their secret weapon of delicious pancake, waffle and French toast plates. One of my favorite is their new cream cheese stuffed French toast sprinkled with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and crumbled graham cracker dusted with powdered sugar. They also have their classic Two Egg Breakfast plate with either ham, sausage or bacon, along with your choice of grits, grilled potato, or EnglishMuffin.

Denny's Moons Over My Hammy3. Denny’s

Denny’s is known as America’s Diner and for good reason. Everybody who has had Denny’s has their own preference to which Slam they like best. What is a Slam? Its a combination of your favorite  breakfast items served with a side of your choice of eggs and either juicy sausage or crispy bacon. Some items come with golden hash browns. I prefer the French Toast slam with egg whites and two turkey sausage links. Another awesome thing is you ca always find some money saving Denny’s coupons. Just make sure to print one and have it with you. One last thing that great about Denny’s is that they are open 24/7 all year round. So if its midnight on Halloween and you want some blueberry pancakes, you got it!

4. Le Peep Cafe

For 45 years Le Peep has lived by their motto of bringing fresh food everyday for their customers. Each month they give highlight to a pancake called Pancake of the Month. For July its the All-American Red, White, and Blue Cakes: three pancakes served with fresh blueberries and strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with whip cream. Many customers are also fans of their Cinnamonster. A 700 calorie cinnamon rom drizzled with cream cheese icing.

5. I-Hop

Who hasn’t made that I-Hop joke where the waiters have to hop around the restaurant? Thats how popular I-Hop is. Since 1958 I-Hop has been serving the America people breakfast that they can hop for joy about. With favorites like the Big Steak Omelette, an omelette stuffed with thin steak strips, hash browns, fresh green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and delicious cheddar cheese, I-Hop can be found in every state and some I-Hop locations are open 24/7!

If you live in New York City here are some other local restaurants you can try!

6 Dating Tips for Christians

Christian Dating Tips

This is one of the most interesting yet sensitive topics amongst born again Christians. Some have fallen in their faith after involving themselves in relationships after trying it the modern way. I remember back on campus where we could hold meetings and discuss relationships. I remember the moments of laughter where some would even ask whether it is wrong to kiss before marriage. If anybody was keen during such meetings, one thing was very observable and clear- Dating is a sensitive issue among the youths. It requires attention and diligent decision making. Nevertheless, it is clear and inevitable that Christian dating is distinctive from modern dating. It should be carried out as per the principles of God’s word. Today let me share with you some tips for Christian dating that are worth having in mind. 

Be Clear On Your Motives

All relationships should be taken serious because of the great impact they have in our lives. Most individuals, especially men have taken away their lives due to the emotions that they couldn’t deal with. Do not, therefore, get into a relationship with your partner without asking yourself the WHY question. The bible clearly instructs us to treat each other as brothers and sisters. It is very ill of any Christian to get into a relationship just for the sake of having fun or due to lust. Take time with your partner and make it clear as to why both of you want to be together. 

Be Clear On Your Doctrines

Le the doctrine that drives your approach to every issue be made known to both parties. Some denominations may have different perspectives as to what biblical dating actually entails. It is always good if both of you confess the same doctrine and believe that the bible is the authoritative word of God. This will help a lot in determining how far is too far. 

Find Dates That Have Common Beliefs

Of course it is a lot easier to stay within the parameters of your faith if your date shares in your same beliefs. Good places to search for dating prospects is church of course, bible study groups, faith based camps or events and even online Christian dating sites.

Let Prayer Be Part of Your Relationship

Today, many brothers and sisters have compromised their faith after getting into relationships. Actually, most of them always intend well only for them to fall into the temptation of sexual sin. The best way of upholding God’s word in your dating is by always speaking to God. Pray with a sincere heart whenever you feel that a given decision is too technical for you. By being prayerful, you will always grow in faith and have the guidance of God as you seek, date and even proceed to marry the right person. 

Let Commitment Precede Intimacy 

In the modern dating, most people get into relationships with the intent of testing others so as to prove whether a match exists or not. This is unacceptable before God. Do not test your girlfriend just to determine whether she is the type that you are looking for or not. In the Christian way of dating, be guided by the scriptures in the way you carry yourself and most importantly what you think of the other person. Commit yourself to your partner so as to avoid the confusion and wounds often associated with most relationships today. Intimacy should come after the level of commitment is high enough and after the two of you officially get married. 

Have Limits and Self-control

To keep a balance, it is good to set emotional and physical boundaries in your dating. This is where most Christians find themselves messing up even though they never intended to break the rules at all. It is good to be open with your partner and set mutual limits. It is advisable to identify potential perilous situations early and agree early on the do’s and don’ts. To even make the relationship healthier, try and maintain a support system. You can talk to an elder or somebody whom you highly regard to watch your back. 

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Dating is an experience that involves a lot of emotions, especially if it is your first time. As the attraction starts to build up do not get carried away with the passion. Have self-control and set limits. Above all, carry yourselves in the manner that is expected of you as a Christian. Do not team up with unbelievers and where necessary, cut off your relationship earlier if there is some probability of future problems. It is better late than never. 

The Best Clowns to Hire For Your Event

Birthday Clown Image

The Best Clowns to Hire For Your Event

Looking to hire a clown to be part of the entertainment at your next event, party or maybe business meeting? We have researched the internet and have found some of the top clowns from around the country to hire!

Each clown has a different set of things they offer such as balloon animals, magic tricks, face painting, silly shows and much more. So make sure to visit their sites to see if they offer the services you are needing for your event.

All of the clowns we have chosen aren’t the scary type either. They specialize in putting kids (or adult guests) at ease and smiles on their faces! No visits from Pennywise here!

  1. Randy Christensen – great humor and knows how to win over the crowd! Plus in my humble opinion I think he has one of the best first name possible 🙂

Randy has been performing as a clown since 1980 and has a wealth of experience and tricks up his sleeve. You can’t find a better more calming clown than Randy. He has performed for many Children’s Hospitals, Church events, Nursing Homes, Community Centers and of course smaller events for businesses and birthday parties.

Randy Offers:

  • Ventriloquism
  • Puppetry
  • Balancing
  • Storytelling
  • Sleight-of-hand
  • Prop building
  • Physical comedy
  • Mime
  • Cartooning
  • Unicycling
  • Stilt-walking
  • Verbal comedy
  • Stage movement
  • Ballon sculpture
  • Music and performance
  • Juggling, improvisation
  • Circus skills

Contact Info:

Website – http://pastorclown.blogspot.com

2) Silly Jilly – Silly Jilly’s name says it all! See is a silly clown that is very entertaining. She is based out of St Louis, MO.

Silly Jilly is a top rated clown and your kids or guests will surely love her. Her specialty is ballon animals, ballon hats and face painting. However she offers a lot more entertainment features than just those.

One of the things we love about Silly Jilly is instead of paying her directly you can opt to pay her fees directly to her or to one of her favorite charities! She does this for the love of clowning and to help others.

Silly Jilly performs at birthday parties, reunions, company picnics, wedding receptions, parties, church events, baby showers and much much more.

Silly Offers:

  • Balloon animals
  • Balloon Hats
  • Face Painting
  • Magic Shows
  • Games

Here is a quick video highlighting Silly Jilly’s balloon animal skills!

Contact Info:

Website – http://www.sillyjilly.com

3) Bee Bee Clown – or also known as Katy Bee is a top notch performing clown in and around the Washington, D.C. area. She will perform in the Maryland, D.C. or Virginia area.

One of the unique things we have found that we love about Katy Bee is that she also does singing telegrams! How fun is that. You can hire Katy to go visit a friend, co-worker or just some random person and have her sing her heart out. How embarrassing and fun that could be!

She of course does lot of other clown type things as well…..but I bet she does a lot of singing telegrams in the D.C. area. Maybe we should send her to our Senators office?

Katy Bee Review:


I needed a singing telegram for my brother’s 30th birthday and she NAILED IT!

I live out of town so entrusted her to assemble a hilarious, custom song and delivery to make the birthday celebration. She was in constant communication, worked through several revisions, assembled a custom costume and delivered an unbelievable performance! It is WELL WORTH the investment – do it!! You won’t be disappointed!”

Katy Bee Offers:

  • Singing Telegrams
  • Mime
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Premier Dance Parties
  • …and much more!

Types of Events:

Birthday parties, singing telegrams, festivals, cultural events, summer day camps, schools, dance parties, group or business events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, receptions, grand openings, marketing events, day cares, contests, car shows, food and historical festivals, comedy festivals, showcases, mobile events, corporate events, small business events, stage shows, volunteer events, charity events, dog shows, circuses, demos, educational events, school assemblies, social media events, tech events, conferences, public speaking, and more! As you can see she does it all.

Contact Info:

Website – http://beebeeclown.com

4) Shimmy Giggles – what a name right?!? Shimmy Giggles is the premier clown in the Dallas, Texas area. She truly loves what she does and has been doing it a long time. in fact she found her love for being a clown back in the 8th grade!

Shimmy Giggles has even one many awards in the Texas market for entertaining and events.

Shimmy Giggles Offers: 

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Artists
  • Children Magic
  • Storytellers
  • Games
  • Crafts

She also has worked at many different types of events and specializes in these types below.

Events Types:

  • Birthday Parties for Kids or Adults!
  • Church Events
  • Grand Openings or Re-Openings
  • Business Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Local Fairs & Carnivals
  • Day Cares and Pre-Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals & Hospital Get Well Soon Wishes
  • School Events
  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduations
  • Proms
  • Special Events
  • Special Deliveries

Recent Reviews:

“Thank you soooo much for doing an amazing job at Adonai’s Paw Patrol Party,… Your Awesome.”
Tanya – January 2016
“You two really did a good job. I want to tell you I appreciate you and your team. You two are very talented team and everybody commented on your work. Both Balloon Twisting and face painting was awesome. Thanks a lot for making my Son party so fun and colorful.”
B- January 2016
Sounds like they are a lot of fun and entertaining to us!
Contact Info: