5 Affiliate Programs for Parents to Earn Money

Affiliate Programs For Parents

What’s the toughest and most rewarding job in the world? No, it’s not affiliate marketing, it’s parenting.

As parents, we are obsessed with everything that has to do with of our kids. Why not channel small part of that obsession into a money-making enterprise? The programs are there, the platform is set, yours is just to build an audience, write a good piece, sit back, and wait for the money to pour in. Here are 5 affiliate programs perfect for parents.

  1. Healthy Kids Inc. – By signing up with Healthy Kids your readers will get more than just tips on how to cook healthy food. There’s meal planner, countless recipes, cooking videos, as well as advice on grow their own veggies. And does the commission of 35% minimum sound appealing? That’s right.
  1. Amazon – This is a no-brainer really. Amazon has by far the most popular and the most successful affiliate program out there. Think of any product to promote and chances are that amazon sells it, and sells it good. Yes, competition is fierce, but Amazon sun has plenty of light for everyone to settle in. Commissions vary based on the performance and niche, ranging from 4% all the way to 15%.
  1. Coupons.com – Saving some money on groceries is often essential, and Coupons.com is the best tool for it. The company is there to serve as a middle man between retailers and shoppers by providing thousands of digital and printed coupons every day. You can choose one of 2000 brand, and promote the deals related to its products. Prices for groceries are small, granted, but what you’re looking for is the repeated buys, and many people buying the same product. A wide audience is a must for this.
  1. The Children’s Place – We can imagine you: having a kid at home and scrolling through countless of clothing items in search of the best suited one. With The Children’s Place affiliate program you can use your scrolling expertise and connect with other parents by recommending, say, a fabulous sweater. The store’s got everything in the realm of clothing and accessories, for boys and girls alike. Commission is up to 4%.
  1. Mattel Shop – Having a kid, you must be familiar with this shop. They’re selling some of the most popular and best quality toys. From Barbie to Disney, BoomCo to Minecraft, the brands represented in the store are not lacking. Pick the toys that your child plays with, and make money for some new ones.

Many successful affiliate marketers actually got their start as moms and dads looking to earn some extra money from home. One of those people is Anne Fognano (Affiliate Management Solutions: An Affiliate Manager), we asked her how she got her start and where that has led her.  “I got my start as a mom who ran my own coupon directory website. It had it’s up and downs but I really fell in love with the industry. Over the last few years I’ve moved from the publisher side to the services side. In 2014 I went out on my own again and started my own Affiliate Marketing Company“. We want to thank Anne for these program suggestions.