6 Dating Tips for Christians

Christian Dating Tips

This is one of the most interesting yet sensitive topics amongst born again Christians. Some have fallen in their faith after involving themselves in relationships after trying it the modern way. I remember back on campus where we could hold meetings and discuss relationships. I remember the moments of laughter where some would even ask whether it is wrong to kiss before marriage. If anybody was keen during such meetings, one thing was very observable and clear- Dating is a sensitive issue among the youths. It requires attention and diligent decision making. Nevertheless, it is clear and inevitable that Christian dating is distinctive from modern dating. It should be carried out as per the principles of God’s word. Today let me share with you some tips for Christian dating that are worth having in mind. 

Be Clear On Your Motives

All relationships should be taken serious because of the great impact they have in our lives. Most individuals, especially men have taken away their lives due to the emotions that they couldn’t deal with. Do not, therefore, get into a relationship with your partner without asking yourself the WHY question. The bible clearly instructs us to treat each other as brothers and sisters. It is very ill of any Christian to get into a relationship just for the sake of having fun or due to lust. Take time with your partner and make it clear as to why both of you want to be together. 

Be Clear On Your Doctrines

Le the doctrine that drives your approach to every issue be made known to both parties. Some denominations may have different perspectives as to what biblical dating actually entails. It is always good if both of you confess the same doctrine and believe that the bible is the authoritative word of God. This will help a lot in determining how far is too far. 

Find Dates That Have Common Beliefs

Of course it is a lot easier to stay within the parameters of your faith if your date shares in your same beliefs. Good places to search for dating prospects is church of course, bible study groups, faith based camps or events and even online Christian dating sites.

Let Prayer Be Part of Your Relationship

Today, many brothers and sisters have compromised their faith after getting into relationships. Actually, most of them always intend well only for them to fall into the temptation of sexual sin. The best way of upholding God’s word in your dating is by always speaking to God. Pray with a sincere heart whenever you feel that a given decision is too technical for you. By being prayerful, you will always grow in faith and have the guidance of God as you seek, date and even proceed to marry the right person. 

Let Commitment Precede Intimacy 

In the modern dating, most people get into relationships with the intent of testing others so as to prove whether a match exists or not. This is unacceptable before God. Do not test your girlfriend just to determine whether she is the type that you are looking for or not. In the Christian way of dating, be guided by the scriptures in the way you carry yourself and most importantly what you think of the other person. Commit yourself to your partner so as to avoid the confusion and wounds often associated with most relationships today. Intimacy should come after the level of commitment is high enough and after the two of you officially get married. 

Have Limits and Self-control

To keep a balance, it is good to set emotional and physical boundaries in your dating. This is where most Christians find themselves messing up even though they never intended to break the rules at all. It is good to be open with your partner and set mutual limits. It is advisable to identify potential perilous situations early and agree early on the do’s and don’ts. To even make the relationship healthier, try and maintain a support system. You can talk to an elder or somebody whom you highly regard to watch your back. 

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Dating is an experience that involves a lot of emotions, especially if it is your first time. As the attraction starts to build up do not get carried away with the passion. Have self-control and set limits. Above all, carry yourselves in the manner that is expected of you as a Christian. Do not team up with unbelievers and where necessary, cut off your relationship earlier if there is some probability of future problems. It is better late than never.