Assisted Living Tips – How to Prevent Accidents in the Elderly

Assisted Living Tips - Preventing Falls

When someone ages, a simple trip or fall can have disastrous consequences. According to experts, about one in three people over the age of sixty five suffer a serious fall injury resulting to head trauma or even hip replacement surgery as a result.  The biggest contributor to senior accidents are lack of safety amenities in bathrooms and toilets and other places in the home. Moreover, even with safety amenities like handrails in place, problems with balance and coordination due to age also are major factors.

Assisted Living Tip #1 – Know the Hazards

If you have a senior family member living alone without any help from senior assisted living providers, you may need to check around the house and recognize any potential hazards and then adapt to the needs of the senior living in the house.  It is vital to have proper lighting all over the house especially in corridors, stairs and bathrooms.  If there is already lighting, check to see if the wattage is bright enough to illuminate the room. Most accidents occur in when the senior wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and trips or bump their head due to poor lighting.

You may also look for sources of clutter like stacks of books, magazines and newspapers that can be dangerous if they are near walkways. Get rid of the clutter by providing the senior with bins and baskets to help them organize their stuff.

Assisted Living Tip #2 – Check Eyes

You may not have clutter or inadequate lighting but if the senior’s eyesight is poor then deteriorating vision can lead to a lot of trips and falls. Cataracts also create poor vision which can make the senior prone to accidents. Have the eyes checked at least once per year and update the prescription on their glasses as necessary.

Assisted Living Tip #3 – Track Medication Intake

Some medications can make the senior drowsy, weak or dizzy especially if they are not taken on time or taken too much. If you are not sure whether or not your senior family member is taking their meds regularly and in the right doses it is your duty to ensure they do by checking them yourself and reminding them about any changes the doctor may have prescribed.

Assisted Living Tip #4 – Balance Exercises

Here is a great YouTube video that shows seven different exercises for seniors to help improve their balance.