Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repairs

Handyman doing some garage door repairsMany folks have misconceptions about garage door repairs that they either, leave the door alone till it literally falls off or enlist the help of a “handyman” that does not have the right skill set to repair the more complicated nuances of the device itself.   Here are some common misconceptions that we need to set right.

Garage Door Repairs Are Easy To Do

If it is a matter of replacing the battery on the garage remote then that is true. However, garage door repairs are complicated. They are heavy and like any machine contain a lot of components within. Chain drive motors, torsion springs, cables, hinges and rollers, you name it. Replacing a roller or a battery is easy but replacing garage door springs, that’s another story.

Circuit Breaker Can Protect Me

Some dangerous when doing garage door repairs on your ownStatistics tells us that there are more instances of people getting amputated fingers and blinded more eyes because of garage doors than any other item in the home. Don’t put your life and limb at risk because you neglected to be smart about having your garage door repaired.

Just Because It Is Slow It Won’t Fail

Many garage doors provide homeowners with advance warning that they are about to fail. Do pay special attention because if a garage door falls on you it can seriously injure you or someone you love, worse it can be fatal.

Its Just Noise, It’s Nothing

Sure it could be just some dirt on the track that is causing it or some parts requiring lube. However, if after you have already cleaned and put some oil on the parts, the noise is still there better call a professional immediately. Garage doors often fail at the most inconvenient moment. Have a professional check it out. Better be safe than sorry.

Garage Door Repairs Are Expensive

A garage door needing repairThis is probably the most common misconception out there. Sure it does cost something but it is way cheaper than you not being able to enter the house in the middle of snow and rain because the door did not open or worse, the door injures you or someone you love. Local garage door companies are trusted by the community because they provide an important service to that community. Go ask the many happy customers they have helped.

Its A Scam

Sure there are garage door companies out there of ill repute but that does not mean the entire pile is crooked. If you are worried or its your first time dealing with a local garage door company, go check the BBB for any complaints , read reviews or ask a friend or colleague if they can refer someone to you.

They Will Want To Replace My Door

If you are dealing with a reputable garage door company like Garage Doors Plus of Blaine MN, they will of course exhaust all efforts to save your door. However, there are some scenarios that the door cannot be saved because it is either too old or too damaged to use.

Garage Door Repairs Warranties Don’t Work

It does because the manufacturer of the door guarantees it. Talk to your garage door repairs company and inquire about the terms on their warranties on all their products and services.