The Best Clowns to Hire For Your Event

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The Best Clowns to Hire For Your Event

Looking to hire a clown to be part of the entertainment at your next event, party or maybe business meeting? We have researched the internet and have found some of the top clowns from around the country to hire!

Each clown has a different set of things they offer such as balloon animals, magic tricks, face painting, silly shows and much more. So make sure to visit their sites to see if they offer the services you are needing for your event.

All of the clowns we have chosen aren’t the scary type either. They specialize in putting kids (or adult guests) at ease and smiles on their faces! No visits from Pennywise here!

  1. Randy Christensen – great humor and knows how to win over the crowd! Plus in my humble opinion I think he has one of the best first name possible 🙂

Randy has been performing as a clown since 1980 and has a wealth of experience and tricks up his sleeve. You can’t find a better more calming clown than Randy. He has performed for many Children’s Hospitals, Church events, Nursing Homes, Community Centers and of course smaller events for businesses and birthday parties.

Randy Offers:

  • Ventriloquism
  • Puppetry
  • Balancing
  • Storytelling
  • Sleight-of-hand
  • Prop building
  • Physical comedy
  • Mime
  • Cartooning
  • Unicycling
  • Stilt-walking
  • Verbal comedy
  • Stage movement
  • Ballon sculpture
  • Music and performance
  • Juggling, improvisation
  • Circus skills

Contact Info:

Website –

2) Silly Jilly – Silly Jilly’s name says it all! See is a silly clown that is very entertaining. She is based out of St Louis, MO.

Silly Jilly is a top rated clown and your kids or guests will surely love her. Her specialty is ballon animals, ballon hats and face painting. However she offers a lot more entertainment features than just those.

One of the things we love about Silly Jilly is instead of paying her directly you can opt to pay her fees directly to her or to one of her favorite charities! She does this for the love of clowning and to help others.

Silly Jilly performs at birthday parties, reunions, company picnics, wedding receptions, parties, church events, baby showers and much much more.

Silly Offers:

  • Balloon animals
  • Balloon Hats
  • Face Painting
  • Magic Shows
  • Games

Here is a quick video highlighting Silly Jilly’s balloon animal skills!

Contact Info:

Website –

3) Bee Bee Clown – or also known as Katy Bee is a top notch performing clown in and around the Washington, D.C. area. She will perform in the Maryland, D.C. or Virginia area.

One of the unique things we have found that we love about Katy Bee is that she also does singing telegrams! How fun is that. You can hire Katy to go visit a friend, co-worker or just some random person and have her sing her heart out. How embarrassing and fun that could be!

She of course does lot of other clown type things as well…..but I bet she does a lot of singing telegrams in the D.C. area. Maybe we should send her to our Senators office?

Katy Bee Review:


I needed a singing telegram for my brother’s 30th birthday and she NAILED IT!

I live out of town so entrusted her to assemble a hilarious, custom song and delivery to make the birthday celebration. She was in constant communication, worked through several revisions, assembled a custom costume and delivered an unbelievable performance! It is WELL WORTH the investment – do it!! You won’t be disappointed!”

Katy Bee Offers:

  • Singing Telegrams
  • Mime
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Premier Dance Parties
  • …and much more!

Types of Events:

Birthday parties, singing telegrams, festivals, cultural events, summer day camps, schools, dance parties, group or business events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, receptions, grand openings, marketing events, day cares, contests, car shows, food and historical festivals, comedy festivals, showcases, mobile events, corporate events, small business events, stage shows, volunteer events, charity events, dog shows, circuses, demos, educational events, school assemblies, social media events, tech events, conferences, public speaking, and more! As you can see she does it all.

Contact Info:

Website –

4) Shimmy Giggles – what a name right?!? Shimmy Giggles is the premier clown in the Dallas, Texas area. She truly loves what she does and has been doing it a long time. in fact she found her love for being a clown back in the 8th grade!

Shimmy Giggles has even one many awards in the Texas market for entertaining and events.

Shimmy Giggles Offers: 

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Artists
  • Children Magic
  • Storytellers
  • Games
  • Crafts

She also has worked at many different types of events and specializes in these types below.

Events Types:

  • Birthday Parties for Kids or Adults!
  • Church Events
  • Grand Openings or Re-Openings
  • Business Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Local Fairs & Carnivals
  • Day Cares and Pre-Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals & Hospital Get Well Soon Wishes
  • School Events
  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduations
  • Proms
  • Special Events
  • Special Deliveries

Recent Reviews:

“Thank you soooo much for doing an amazing job at Adonai’s Paw Patrol Party,… Your Awesome.”
Tanya – January 2016
“You two really did a good job. I want to tell you I appreciate you and your team. You two are very talented team and everybody commented on your work. Both Balloon Twisting and face painting was awesome. Thanks a lot for making my Son party so fun and colorful.”
B- January 2016
Sounds like they are a lot of fun and entertaining to us!
Contact Info:

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  1. Randy, Thank you for including me on your best clowns list, and for noticing, “instead of paying her directly you can opt to pay her fees directly to her or to one of her favorite charities!”

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