Turkey Fan Mounts – What to Look For

Example of a Turkey Tail Fan Mounting PlaqueFan mounting is made fun and easy by use of simple items. It is considered artistic and prestigious to be in a position to mount a turkey tail but in the real sense it is something anybody can do. Plaques are used for mounting. Normally you glue the beard to the short gun, the brass part, and then shred the spurs after which you can attach them to the mount.

The process of fan mounting can easily be done with the steps below:

1. Trace the tail base, a lump of flesh usually triangle in shape that holds all the tail feathers.
2. Slowly cut the tail of at a position above the anus. If interested to preserve the beard and legs, detach them at this stage.
3. You can wash the tail in case it is muddy or ruffled. To do away with stains wash it in dish cleaning detergent. After washing, dry it with low heat or by use of a blow dryer after which you can smoothen the feathers.
4. Till you are ready to proceed, store the fan in the refrigerator.
5. Find a place to put the tail, preferably on old newspapers and peel the skin backwards from the flesh
6. Using a sharp knife, remove the fleshy piece at the center. Wire cutters may also be used.
7. From the quills, remove flesh and fat, as much as you can
8. Using small scissors separate the quills and try trim off all the fat.
9. Brush the remaining fat in between the quills by use of a wire brush, preferably small.
10. For about an hour soak the skin of the tail as well as the quill base. After which you soak them in a mixture of water and borax. This is aimed at preservation of the skin against insects for example mites.
11. Using paper towels dry the tail and rub borax powder into the skin. Spread out the feathers and use pins to shape them into a fan like shape. Cover it properly in a dry safe place and let it dry for a period of two weeks.
12. Brush off the borax that is loose, and mix it up with car body putty. Then drill a hole through the putty and mount your fan with a washer and a screw.

After you have the turkey trophy parts, they serve as a pride when hung up a wall, but how exactly do you get them up a wall? We suggest going to a custom craftsman like Stump Jumper Designs and getting a beautiful tail mounting plaque. They are beautiful, well built and designed and very reasonably priced. You could also get mounting materials in most crafting shops. Shadow or glass boxes can be used to display the legs or beards. It is advisable to have `your’ beards surrounded with epoxy resin for durability. The epoxy covered materials are available at flea shops.

Wood Turkey Mounting Plaque from Stump Jumper Designs

Brackets could also be used to display beards. They are available at dealers in hunting and taxidermists. Some display beards only while others display beards as well as the tails. However, an easel can also be used to display a tail.

Rat traps can also be used to serve as a way to mount the tail on the wall, with the mounting platform being the wooden base. The trap will need modification for example discarding treadle for the bait, and the wire that is set to trap. Do away with the staples and, shift the springs to the wooden platform.

Tie a small wire of the desired length to the wing before it completely dries. You can use this small wire to hang the wings directly on the wall. Make sure it balances, modify a plate hanger using pliers and hang it like a plate.